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15/01/2018  •  What a year!

We have been going non stop since the bed and breakfast in March last year and have really enjoyed the first year and our three young children have taken everything in their stride and we have learnt along the way. We are slowly transforming the B&B into a destination and steadily tweaking things to improve the guests experience.

As anyone that has stayed with us will know that we have been brainstorming  over the spring and summer of 2017 and exploring how to make the land work for us and we are pleased to report that we have started a Flower Farm here and have been busy converting two fields into the farm for 2018.  So we would love guests to wander the fields towards Froyle Park ( our closest wedding venue)  and enjoy the fabulous scents and sights - the rose paddock is also going to be a sight to behold with 400 roses. 

West End is now a five ensuite bedroom bed and breakfast and we have a large selection of chickens and ducks laying delicious eggs daily for our guests.

In the Spring we are getting pigs and we will be rearing our own so that we can provide everyone with homemade (and homegrown!) sausages and bacon - this will be a serious bonus to our breakfasts. 

Guests have been asking for a bigger cottage so they can spread out with their family and we are aiming to add a third double bedroom to the cottage and enlarge the living space so that guests can relax in the sitting room and not be confined to their rooms.  We hope to have completed this work by May and be able to offer our guests a flexible space to enjoy. 

New for this summer will be our welly box - Whilst we encourage guests who are attending weddings at Froyle Park to bring boots - after all we are walking distance to the venue - many don't so we are introducing our welly honesty box - We will have a selection of sizes to amble through the flower field; then can leave the wellies in a box at the edge of the field and pick them up when they wander back at midnight after the wedding.  Thus solving many problems with guest's footwear and walking! 

We have really enjoyed hosting many bride's and groom's families the night before weddings at Froyle Park, Bury Court Barn and Cain Manor and we do look forward to being part of many more family weddings in 2018.  



17/01/2017  •  Going for it hammer and tongs....

In all senses of the word! But seriously West End is getting a makeover.  Walls are coming are down, people are moving and children are moving in. Chickens are coming home and the dog is looking confused as to what's going on. 

Please come and visit West End soon for a stay in the new bedrooms. 

12/01/2017  •  New Website

Our new website is now live. We hope you enjoy browsing and finding out more about West End House